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VOSD Response to RWA Pet Dog Rules

Our response to the restrictions on pet dogs imposed by Apartment Owners’ Associations, housing societies, and Resident Welfare Associations. This is a query that comes up often. Pet parents are told by their ‘neighbors’ that their pets are causing problems, namely, noise, littering and spreading disease [Before we continue it can’t be emphasized enough that […]

Follow ABC rules to care for strays, says Haryana HC to dog feeders

In the Sonia Rogers (petitioner) vs State of Haryana & Ors (respondents), the HC ruled in favour of the former, granting permission to care for stray dogs Download High Court Judgement (5MB PDF): This is in context of individual(s) who tend to and feed stray dogs and are involved in spay/neuter and/or vaccination of strays; Sonia Rogers […]