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Pet Owner’s Guide to Dog Anxiety

What is anxiety and what causes it? Anxiety in dogs is very common since they are social, emotional and responsive animals. They adapt easily to their surroundings and are mostly very friendly. They are also creatures of habit. Changes in the immediate environment or unpredictability in the environment cause deep anxiety as dogs associate these […]

When Dogs Ingest Poison

Here’s what to remember if your dog suddenly comes in contact with poison. Dogs come into contact with several substances and can eat many things that are toxic.  If left untreated, poison can be fatal and learning and treating it might save your dog someday. In this article, we discuss toxicity because of ingestion and not […]

Treating Seizures & Epilepsy in Dogs

If your dog suddenly suffers from a seizure or epileptic attack, what are the steps you should take? What is a convulsion/seizure? A convulsion/seizure is an occurrence when a dog’s muscles rapidly contract and relax. At this time, the dog can lose control of its body and this could be terrifying for the owner.  Frequent […]

Rabies and Tetanus

Everything you need to know about rabies and the vaccination to protect yourself. The simple fact is Rabies and Tetanus have no cure, have 100% human fatality after symptoms appear, and both lead to excruciatingly painful deaths. The two can only be prevented. Rabies is transferred from the saliva of the infected dog. Any bites that […]

Treating Canine Distemper

Critical things to know about Canine Distemper: It is one of the most frequent killers of stray and pet dogs and fatality is very high It is deadly and very common. So you might miss a rabies shot but don’t miss one for Distemper The first line of defence for a dog is ‘vaccinations’ If […]

How to Control Your Dog’s Bleeding

What happens when you can’t access your veterinarian, and your dog is bleeding profusely? An injury can occur in a dog from play, from their curiosity, accidents, or a dog fight. In most cases, these injuries are skin deep. There will be some bleeding but the bleeding will soon stop. In some cases, however, bleeding […]

Are Dogs Actually ‘Haram’ in Islam?

While the conventional idea of canines in the Islamic religion is that they are ‘impure’, there are several sources that point to the opposite. Professor Alan Mikhail is Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies Department of History, Yale University, and is the author of The Animal in Ottoman Egypt and, Under Osman’s Tree: The Ottoman Empire, Egypt, and Environmental […]