How to Volunteer at VOSD

There are many different ways to volunteer at VOSD. Do you have what it takes?

We have so much going on at VOSD because taking care of dogs is more than a full-time job. It requires a heart and it requires a soul. If you have both, come volunteer with us. We’ve listed out a few different ways in which you can.

VOSD Sanctuary

If you volunteer at the Sanctuary, you will be required to look after the dogs with our resident staff. Duties will include cleaning after dogs and caring for them, especially if they are undergoing medical care. This is a hands-on job that requires a high degree of compassion and skill. You must have a moderate-to-high level of experience dealing with dogs that are sick and/or aggressive. This job requires you to stay at the VOSD Sanctuary for the duration of your internship.


We are looking for interns and volunteers who can make a difference with in-depth stories, photo-essays, films, and research that depict the realities of strays. This is an opportunity to change the way people perceive stray dogs.

Digital outreach, fundraising and events

At VOSD, we pride ourselves in the marketing skills of our team. We hire the best and brightest, and if you join, you will get the work with them! Our team is full of fantastic branding, marketing, and fundraising experts.

How to volunteer

To apply for Volunteer Roles at VOSD, complete this form:

    All fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

    As part of the process, you will be required to sign non-disclosures and indemnity which will be provided once we have arrived at the nature and duration of your assignment. 

    VOSD will be in touch with you to find the right opportunity for you. We don’t accept just about anyone. We take our dogs seriously, and we look for people with the same level of passion as us.

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