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Identifying & Treating Skin Diseases in Dogs – VOSD Expert Vet Advice™

Types of ‘bugs’ that cause skin disease There are 4 types of things that would cause skin disease in a dog.  All conditions (other than truly auto immune conditions) can be completely reversed. Please note however that most severe itching and skin loss causes secondary bacterial and fungal infections too so the disease may not […]

Treating Wet Eczema/ Hot Spots/ Acute Moist Dermatitis in dogs – VOSD Expert Vet Advice™


Identifying & treating wet eczema / hot spots / acute moist dermatitis Acute moist dermatitis is commonly called wet eczema (we’ll refer to it as wet eczema). It appears as a spontaneous eruption on the skin as a small area that appears red, irritated, and inflamed. It generally appears as a patch but can also […]