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VOSD Dog Sanctuary

Rakesh Shukla VOSD Sanctuary

THE (then) 750 DOGS OF THE VOSD Dog Sanctuary In a world full of stories of cruelty, apathy, destruction and filled with endless opinion. There’s also VOSD. DailyWOWvideo team shot this video a few months ago ( in 2017) and released it today. VOSD is the India’s largest dog care brand, supporting the world’s largest no-kill sanctuary and […]

Part II – Managing emergencies and providing medical intervention to rescue a dog

The entire proceedings of the conference including presentations and video’s of speakers will be made available here. This is the 5th video of the this information being available for Activists for Stray Dogs to leverage on. This is Part 2 of 2 of the session by Dr Pavan, Founder Cessna Lifeline Veterinary Hospital on “Managing […]