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How to Control Your Dog’s Bleeding

What happens when you can’t access your veterinarian, and your dog is bleeding profusely? An injury can occur in a dog from play, from their curiosity, accidents, or a dog fight. In most cases, these injuries are skin deep. There will be some bleeding but the bleeding will soon stop. In some cases, however, bleeding […]

The Essential Dog Owners Medical Kit – VOSD Expert Vet Advice™

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The essential medical kit If you have a dog, or rescue dogs, keep a treatment kit handy with you with the following essential supplies: Basic medical supplies Melonex 7.5 mg tabs ALWAYS give with a Rantac tab to prevent acidity buildup Melonex inj Tremedol inj. 2 units – stronger painkiller Botropase inj 2 units (prevents […]

Identification & Treatment of Flea Allergy – VOSD Expert Vet Advice™

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Difference between flea allergies and mange Most skin conditions are mistakenly called ‘mange’ when they are actually skin allergies. Mange is not easily transmittable. The mange mites are there in ALL dogs. It’s only in a rare circumstance that the immunity of the dog is compromised that there is a flare up and hair loss […]

Managing Hip Dysplasia/ Arthritis in Old Dogs – VOSD Expert Vet Advice™

Understanding Hip dysplasia/ arthiritis This is a common condition in old dogs .They get arthritis and this causes very severe inflammation and pain. Assuming the dog is about 20 kg take these steps but you should consult your vet in person: TO BRING A DOG BACK UP ON HIS FEET/ SHORT TERM MEASURE Depa Medrol : this […]

Neem Datun- An Affordable Yet Sure Fire Way To Ensure Your Dog’s Oral Hygiene

“A smile is the only curve that sets everything right”; and when it’s a dog’s smile, it ought to bring happiness many times multifold. But, did you ever pause to think that not maintaining good oral hygiene for your dog could unleash an avalanche of problems ranging from tooth decay, bad breath, infections et al. […]

Identifying and Tackling Poisoning in Stray Dogs

Frequently I get distress calls from stray dog feeders that all of a sudden their dog/s are frothing from mouth and having fits. 90% of the time these turn out to be poisoning cases. Stray dogs being scavengers, can get exposed to poisonous substance if they ingest already poisoned rat or poisonous plants or toxic […]

VOSD Dog Care™ Best Practice: Treating Maggot Wounds

The bad thing about maggot wounds is that they are surprisingly common. Unfortunately, any number of ‘home’ treatments complicate situations for dogs whereas actual treatment is straightforward and most of the time requires no hospitalization. The good thing is the maggots also keep the wound asceptic. The tissue has no bacterial load and it heals […]

VOSD Dog Care™ Best Practice: When to use Ivermectin?

Ivermectin is wrongly used 99% of the time including by vets. It is reno-toxic too. It’s oral/injectible use is only in the case of mange, however, both sarcoptic and demodectic mange are far less common than other skin diseases. When to use Ivermectin? Know more about Ivermectin use and managing the skin issues of your […]