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RWAs, Use Your Powers for Good!

The Karnataka government has released a new circular reiterating basic pet and stray dog rights. Here’s what RWAs should remember. The Karnataka government has released a new circular as a timely reminder to authorities regarding the rights of strays, pets, and stray dog feeders. Resident Welfare Associations, or RWAs, must enforce these rules to reduce […]

An FAQ for Rescuers on Dog Breeding and Marketing Rules 2017

VOSD explains the rules stated by the government, which can help dog rescuers use it to their advantage For the first time in India, there are a comprehensive set of rules notified by the Central Government (therefore applicable across ALL states) called  Dog Breeding and Marketing Rules 2017. They appear in the Gazette of India […]

Dog Rights During Lockdown

What you should know about walking your dog or going to the vet during the pandemic. It is easy to forget about the plight of animals when we are in the midst of a pandemic. Many pet parents are now finding it hard to provide adequate exercise for their pets. There have been examples of […]

Pet Food is ‘Essential’ Item in Lockdown

The Kerala High Court has specified that the essential list of food/ fodder for milch animals includes food for pets. It’s been hard to get food for pets, especially during the pandemic. However, a recent court judgement made it easier for people to get pet food, as it is an essential item. A self declaration […]

Stray dogs in neighbourhoods: What you should know

We often receive requests from large Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and managing committees to remove stray dogs from their societies and gated communities. We always refuse. Why? Because relocating stray dogs from one area to another is illegal. VOSD is the world’s largest no-kill rescue and sanctuary, and the largest provider of legal and medical […]

India is not alone in having a Holy Cow, even the Chinese won’t eat it

Meat is ethics, culture, religion and economics rolled into one, and strangely, morals and politics, too. This article can be downloaded in PDF here The ‘Beef Ban’ of the ‘non-liberal’ ‘fascist’ ‘BJP’ government set the beef hot pot boiling on what is claimed to have been an Indian ‘agenda’ for years – Make India ‘beef’ […]

Dog Breeding & Cattle Market Rules 2017 notified

The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) on 25 May 2017 issued a series of notifications under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. It is now mandatory for all dog breeders and their kennels/ establishments to register themselves with the Animal Welfare Board of the respective state. For Dogs: The Dog Breeding and […]