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The man with 750 dogs: An interview in the ‘Dogs and Pups’ Magazine with VOSD Founder Rakesh Shukla

The May 2017 issue of the ‘Dogs and Pups’ Magazine featured the VOSD Dog Sanctuary and VOSD’s Founder Rakesh Shukla in an interview. The interview was taken in March 2017. The transcript can be read after the images. Q: Tell us in brief about your organisation and its inception? I’ve never had a dog growing up […]

Are Dogs Actually ‘Haram’ in Islam?

While the conventional idea of canines in the Islamic religion is that they are ‘impure’, there are several sources that point to the opposite. Professor Alan Mikhail is Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies Department of History, Yale University, and is the author of The Animal in Ottoman Egypt and, Under Osman’s Tree: The Ottoman Empire, Egypt, and Environmental […]